Scent Selective is your go-to source for all things fragrance. We are a team of perfume enthusiasts who cover everything a perfume lover needs to know, from basics and mannerisms to the latest releases; we cover it all.

Every perfume enthusiast’s dream, Scent Selective is a community of like-minded people with immaculate taste who were aromatically summoned to form a team of fragrance experts worldwide. 

Together we lead the world’s upcoming most informative perfume platform, built solely to educate and guide you through your fragrance journey. 

Here at Scent Selective, our team of scent experts is always prepared to give a customized administration and offer guidance about the present most prominent aromas on the market, in order to help you find your signature scent.

Gideon Joel

Gideon Joel

Founder of Scent Selective, Gideon is a fragrance entrepreneur fascinated by the world of fragrances. Gideon is known for his love of classic fresh perfumes from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s and his inclination toward highly masculine Fougere scents.

When Gideon’s passion for fragrances met his entrepreneurial mindset, Scent Selective was born. Gideon founded the website in 2021 out of the passion for building a progressive fragrance community that can enhance anyone’s aromatic experiences.

He is responsible for everything from choosing the right perfume enthusiasts for his team, to making and delegating tasks to each team member.

Known for trendology, Gideon can spot a new fragrance trend before it even hits GQ and Beauty news NYC. Setting Scent Selectives face and tone and voice Gideon knows more about luxury brands than anyone on the Scent Selective team,

If you’re looking to explore any perfume brand from around the world, Gideon has everything you need to know and will put you on to the hottest perfumers instantly.

Linda Clark

Linda Clark

Linda Clark is Scent Selective’s resident aromatherapist who fell in love with natural perfumes for their many medical and spiritual benefits. 

Linda’s passion for aromatherapy began when she found peace and relief from certain anxieties by using pure lavender and chamomile essential oils.

A discovery that not only lead her to pursue a diploma in aromatherapy, Linda also developed a sturdy taste for inspiring fragrances that project positively and can help with coping and mental healing. 

From Edinburgh, UK Linda helps Scent Selective by evaluating various natural ingredients and providing detailed reviews on how people of all different ages can benefit from them. 

Linda also works alongside Moe and Luna, creating informative topics for the Scent Selective blog, while providing the team with detailed resources to guide the writing process.

Luna Fortes

Luna Fortes

Scent Selective’s perfume collector Luna Fortes Found her passion in testing and reviewing new releases of trending modern brands. From a journey that started 14 years ago in early 2008 Luna Fortes has purchased over 700+ bottles of fragrances, but only kept around 300 for her personal collection. 

Each Scent Selective team member works to contribute to Luna’s collection, as her approval of fragrances is seen as a challenge within the fragrance reviewing team. 

Even though Luna reviewed thousands of perfumes she still hasn’t found the one she’d call a “signature” fragrance. Throughout her numerous reviews, Luna will keep searching for the ultimate fragrance, while guiding you with her expertise. 

Luna’s perfume collection is made up mostly of intense fruity and floral scents that according to her reflect highly on her personality, and bring out the best of her confidence. 

From Malaga Spain, Luna shares her many reviews with the team to help create engaging content, enabling Scent Selective to live up to its title as the ultimate destination for fragrance reviews.

Moe Ergig

Moe Ergig

Scent Scelective’s head blog writer and lead content creator Moe Ergig is a perfume connoisseur who fell in love with fragrances at a young age whilst working at a privately owned perfumery. 

From London Ontario, Canada, Moe tests, reviews, and rates fragrances for the Scent Selective community. Managing the community’s informative and educational aspects, Moe is your go-to for fragrance recommendations, as he will gladly match you to your next favorite fragrance.

Moe instantly decided that perfume is an industry he wanted to dedicate his time and effort to, as soon as he learned how to mix raw fragrance oils and dilute concentrated creations.

Joining Scent Selective in 2022, Moe endeavors to help the Scent Selective community to avoid pricey mistakes, whilst keeping them onto the latest and hottest fragrances from every niche and generic perfume collection.

Moe’s Personal collection of fragrances consists mainly of intense woody fragrances and simple barbershop-Esque classical scents. 

Why Trust Scent Selective?

The sole purpose of the website is to build a community where fragrances are reviewed without bias to provide maximum value to our readers. 

We take great pride in keeping our reviews completely unbiased and based solely on our team’s personal opinion and the actual value that each fragrance provides.

Doing so helps the team at Scent Selective live up to our mission as the ultimate fragrance community that strives to become everyone’s go-to fragrance platform. We are regularly mentioned and featured in top publications across the web, helping to spread our information on fragrances and scents. Below you can find some examples of where we have been featured.

How We Test and Rate Fragrances

A typical day for the Scent Selective team consists mainly of smelling different fragrances and writing detailed, well-rounded, and honest reviews.  

We provide comprehensive and honest reviews of both classic and modern fragrances and point you to the best possible prices. 

Because we are all uniquely passionate about what we do, we will often avoid rating scents that don’t evoke any emotional reaction or are highly generic and perhaps overrated in the team’s opinion.

The key factors we look for before any fragrance evaluations are quality and uniqueness. If a scent is not unique or fails to offer a distinctive scent it will likely not make our lists of the best fragrances. 

When rating our fragrances we separately measure each fragrance as a team. We use personal preference, previous user reviews, and professional user reviews, then rate the scent’s overall performance, longevity, and complexin.

To get the best results we then average the score of each separate review to create a summed-up, well-sampled rating placed under each fragrance.

All ratings must be agreed upon by the team as a whole, and if there is an objection we usually do a re-test to ensure accuracy.

For further information about the Scent Selective team and how we can help guide you through your fragrance journey, contact us at [email protected] or leave an inquiry in our comments section under every blog post.

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