Reasons Why Your Diffuser Is Not Misting and Spitting Water

Reasons Why Your Diffuser Is Not Misting and Spitting Water

Diffusers are ideal for a bit of care and support to relieve your stress and create a pleasant atmosphere. The essential oils you pour into them will spread effectively across the room using a constant mist, allowing you to lie back and relax for as long as you want.

However, there are times when you might notice that your diffuser is not doing its job. Instead of misting, it might end up spitting out spurts or drops of water, resulting in an unpleasant experience.

In such a situation, it is necessary for you to figure out the cause of the problem so that you can work towards solving it. Usually, the fix is simple such as placing it properly or cleaning the diffuser, but some cases might require repairs and replacements too.

This guide will take you through some potential reasons behind your diffuser not misting and spitting water instead. Take a look.

Reasons Why Your Diffuser Is Not Misting and Spitting Water

Various reasons might help explain why your diffuser is not misting and is spitting water. Your diffuser might be facing either one or more of the following issues, so keep reading to pinpoint the cause accurately.

Power Supply

You will need to connect your diffuser to the right power source to ensure that it works on the oils properly and spreads them properly in the form of a steady mist. As obvious as it might sound, there are times when you might simply forget to turn the power on.

In other cases, the plug or outlet you are using might not be working properly or the wire might become too loose to continue drawing and supplying power. If none of these seem to be the issue, check the power supply at the mains or by confirming whether your other appliances are working properly or not.

Oil Accumulation

Diffusers usually have plates and tanks in place that collect the oil and use mechanisms to create a mist to spread the oil around. However, with frequent usage, it is possible for these collecting trays to fill up with too much oil. This oil will then remain behind and will end up being too much for the diffuser to diffuse properly.

This can end up clogging the diffuser tray as well as its filter. If you have not cleaned the diffuser in a while, this kind of blockage is what might be causing the issue.

Apart from the oil, it is also possible for minerals to stay behind due to the water your pour into the reservoir. These can end up building up and prevent the diffuser from misting the oil and steam efficiently, resulting in water spurting at times.

Unsuitable Surface

Why Your Diffuser Is Not Misting and Spitting Water

The type of surface or base that you use for your diffuser is important to account for here. If you have placed your diffuser on a couch, cushion, pillow, bed or even some flat cloths or towels, this can help explain why your diffuser is not misting and keeps spitting water.

Such soft and unstable surfaces tend to create an uneven surface, which can create an imbalance in the inner parts of the diffuser. They also usually hinder and obstruct the vents of the diffuser, resulting in insufficient circulation within and outside the diffuser.

Additionally, they might soak in all the ultrasonic waves on which diffusers usually operate.

Temperature of Water

Diffusers need water to create the mist, but this does not mean you can simply pour cold water into the diffuser. If you have used cold water, this might be the reason why your diffuser is unable to create the mist or steam properly.

Whether you use ultrasonic diffusers or nebulizers, you should ideally use water that is slightly warm to ensure that the vaporization and diffusion processes take place with ease.

In case you have already poured the water in, see if you can replace it immediately to get the diffuser to work properly again.

Amount and Type of Water

Apart from the water temperature, make sure you have enough water in the diffuser’s tank in the first place. With repeated usage, it is common and natural for the water to get used up. It is also quite easy to forget to refill the water, which could well explain why the diffuser keeps spitting the water out instead of diffusing the oil properly.

Interestingly, the kind of water you use matters here as well. Some types of water contain too many or not enough minerals, thereby creating issues. Distilled water is a common culprit here. It is a good idea to check the instructions stated in your diffuser’s manual.

Nearby Fan

If the room has a fan or cooler installed, the rapid flow might end up spreading the mist around too quickly, thus diminishing its impact. The flow will take away the oil concentration from the mist.

Poor Assembly

Some diffusers require you to assemble them properly before putting them to use, which might complicate things. In other cases, they might come assembled but this might not have been carried out well enough.

In the case of poor assembly, the internal parts of the diffuser will not be able to function or coordinate too well, resulting in no mist and water spitting out.

There are times when you will need to clean the internal parts too. Remember to place them back tightly and accurately to ensure that the misting keeps taking place without any wastage.

Faulty Parts

If none of the aforementioned options seem to be the problem, it is possible that your diffuser might have some faulty parts or functions. This could hamper the misting process and might result in some water spurting out at times.

Note that such faulty parts could either be a result of manufacturing or delivery issues or a result of improper usage or dropping the appliance one too many times. Inspect the diffuser thoroughly to avoid any further problems.

How to Solve the Issue

How to Solve the Issue of Diffuser Not Working

Once you understand what the cause is, it will become easier for you to solve the issue to get the diffuser to start misting again. Here are some options.

  • Always use warm water along with spring or tap water for the diffuser to work well.
  • Make sure you fill the diffuser up with enough water at all times and replace it whenever needed.
  • Turn off powerful fans present nearby.
  • Always plug the diffuser tightly into the outlet or fix the socket in time to prevent sparks or shocks.
  • Remember to clean the diffuser and its parts on a regular basis. The tanks, trays and external surfaces might get dirty easily, requiring you to wipe them down after a few uses. If there are any removable parts, rinse and dry them thoroughly before putting them to use.
  • Another way to clean the diffuser is to use some white vinegar and let it rest for a few hours before washing it out.
  • Ensure there is no water in the vents of the diffuser. In case there is, let the vents dry completely so that they can support the misting process again.
  • Repair or replace the diffuser if it is too old and no longer working well.

The Bottom Line

Many reasons can help explain why your diffuser is not misting and spitting water, such as issues with the power supply, oil accumulation, soft surface, cold water, low water levels, unsuitable type of water, poor assembly or faulty parts, among others. Pinpoint the cause and work on solving it to fix the issue.

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