What Cologne Does Harry Styles Wear?

What Cologne Does Harry Styles Wear

Casual yet confident, classic yet Bohemian, unconventional but traditional—Harry Styles (and his music) may seem like a lot of clashing elements, but these come together perfectly (and how!).

Given his wild fashion choices, it’s logical to assume that his perfume choices are just as wild—or are they?

We did a little bit of (very happy) digging (who isn’t a Harrie after “As It Was”?) to find out what our favorite singer’s cologne choices are, and here’s what we found out.

Harry Styles Cologne Choices

A self-professed fan of Gucci (for whom he’s also appeared in many campaigns), Harry Styles’s cologne choices are classy, luxurious, and sophisticated but just the right amount of wild and cheeky—just like the singer himself!

Here’s the 411 on the award-winning singer’s fragrance choices.

Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur

Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur

Admitted—Harry Styles is the face of Gucci’s Mémoire d’une Odeur, but the endorsement goes way beyond just a hefty contract. The singer supposedly loves the fragrance so much that he even wears it to bed!

This gender-neutral, universal eau de parfum (the first gender-neutral scent from the house), meant to evoke nostalgia, is blended by master perfumer Alberto Morillas and establishes the brand-new Mineral Aromatic olfactive family—airy, musky, and highly distinctive.

It features top notes of Roman chamomile, grown in 16th- and 17th-century terraced gardens around Rome with heart notes of Indian Coral Jasmine Nature Print, a Gucci-exclusive note collected in India with a coral-hued heart and honeyed temper, and gorgeous hints of musk for fragrance depth.

The base notes are cedarwood, sandalwood, and vanilla for intensity and complexity.

The perfume bottle is an ode to Gucci’s vintage perfumes, made of light green grooved glass, with a gold cap. The outer packaging is just as gorgeous, inspired by Italian master artist Giotto’s Scrovegni Chapel frescoes and meant to symbolize the starry night sky.

This masterpiece is said to be a warm-weather cologne, with Styles preferring to wear this for daytime events. The fragrance’s light and playful flavor also makes it perfect for lunches, picnics, and other daytime events that call for a subtle scent.

Harry Styles’s top cologne choice also apparently reminds the singer of his mother—the sweetest note to top off this unusual, comforting, unique, and sassy scent.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum

Just like Styles, Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum blends the classic and the modern, putting together notes of sweet vanilla with wood and tobacco. This multilayered cologne is all kinds of masculine and earthy, bestowing an air of magnetism on the wearer—just like any other Tom Ford.

The universal perfume is known for its excellent longevity and sillage, with a quick morning dab lasting all the way until the end of the work day. Just like the Mémoire d’une Odeur, it’s gender neutral, attention-grabbing, and the perfect balance between smokey, sweet, deep, and fruity.

Despite its strong tobacco notes, this perfume won’t leave you smelling like an ashtray! It’s aromatically soft, with the aroma of a light-bodied, blonde, classy cigarette instead of a robust, dark cigar.

Once the top notes wear out, you’ll start to smell the notes of dried fruit, complemented by hints of cacao, wood, and spice.

The Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum is a medium-projecting classic fragrance that’s best suited for special, intimate occasions and for those who like the combination of blonde tobacco, sweet, fruity, woody notes, and generous hits of vanilla.

Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue

Versace Dylan Blue

Whether it’s the dead of winter or the peak of summer, the Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue will keep you smelling fresh with its citrus notes, just as it keeps the singer smelling like figs on a summer evenin’ that we all wouldn’t mind tasting!

This year-round perfume isn’t as intense as the other two fragrances on the list, but is just as lovely, blending fresh notes of citrus with incense, musk, tonka bean, and saffron to create a deliciously unique scent.

The top notes are bergamot, grapefruit, and fig, which give way to woody heart notes of pepper, violet, patchouli, and papyrus wood, before the sweet notes of incense, tonka bean, and musk emerge. Clean, traditional, but also that tad bit Bohemian, the Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue is among Versace’s longest-lasting scents.

The perfume bottle is just as clean and traditional, made of rich blue glass and featuring a golden cap.

Young or old, this alluring, sweetly woody scent is an excellent option for men at any time of the year.

The Final Word

As the singer has stated in several of his interviews, he prefers fragrances that carry some emotion, so it makes complete sense that the above fragrances would be his top picks.

The message you can carry away from this? Find fragrances that embody your personality, just as Harry Styles (and several other top celebs) do. In any case, fragrances smell different on different people due to body chemistry, so that Gucci scent may not smell on you like it does on the Grammy-winning singer.

If you think you share personalities with Harry Styles, the above fragrances are a great way to embody this and smell great, all day, every day!

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