Can You Return Perfume to Macy’s?

It happens to the best of us. You find a perfume you seem to love at the store and once you try it out, it just doesn’t work wonders for you anymore. As valid as this reason is, it is also possible that your need to return the perfume might stem from another discovery—a crack in the bottle, a difference in the contents, an allergy and so on.

Now, Macy’s is a pretty posh store, maintaining a high-end collection of perfumes from glamorous brands. It might seem like this kind of store would not exactly be amenable enough to give easy refunds. Luckily enough, this is not the case.

If your purchase leaves you unsatisfied, it is definitely possible to return it to Macy’s. Of course, there is fine print to decipher and terms and conditions that apply. Here is what you should keep in mind if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Can You Return Perfume to Macy’s?

Can You Return Perfume to Macys

Whether your perfume results in breakouts or acne or leaves you unhappy with the fragrance notes or has any other issue that makes you unsatisfied with your purchase, it is possible to return your perfume.

It does not matter where you bought it—online or at a physical store—you can apply for a refund or simply make your way to the store to begin the process.

This does not mean you can walk right into the store and demand a refund for a half-empty perfume bottle. That’s a huge no! There are certain conditions that your perfume bottle will need to fulfill before you are eligible to return it. Go through them below.

  • Your perfume bottle should be unopened and unused.
  • It should be sealed tightly.
  • In case you have already opened it and tried it out, this is still okay! However, you should only have used a small amount, such as a couple of sprays or so.
  • Your purchase of the perfume bottle should have taken place within the previous 90 days. Macy’s will not accept perfume bought earlier than this. Even if you leave the perfume with them in such a case, they will not give you a refund, so make sure you confirm the date of your purchase!

Meet these conditions? We march (gently) into Macy’s at noon to get the job done!

What Are Macy’s Refund Options?

What Are Macy’s Refund Options

Perfumes, especially those from premium and luxury brands, are quite expensive. It makes all the sense in the world to want your rightful refund in case you return a perfume bottle to Macy’s. However, there are various forms this refund can take. Here are some options that Macy’s tends to provide.

  • You can receive a full or partial refund directly in your bank account if you bought the perfume in this manner. This can take around 10 business days.
  • If you want to return perfume that was a gift to you, you are most likely to receive store credit instead of monetary reimbursement.
  • You might receive points on your Macy’s account or store credit for the perfume’s lowest selling price in the last 180 days if you cannot produce the receipt of your original purchase.

Make sure you determine the nature of your purchase so that you can establish the nature of your refund and return. This will make the process much smoother.

Are There Any Perfumes You Cannot Return?

Are There Any Perfumes You Cannot Return

#NotAllPerfumes are eligible for return. For instance, some brands might have their own refund and return policies in place that prevent Macy’s from accepting them when you try to return them.

If you buy a Last Act perfume or cologne or any other perfume sold as a ‘final sale’, you will not be able to return or exchange it at Macy’s. Sorry!

There are various other conditions under which you cannot return the perfume. These are a bit more obvious and implied, such as if you have used up the perfume to a considerable level or if the damage was done on your part. If it has been longer than 90 days, too, you will not be able to return it.

In such a case, the best course of action is to just let it be. You can also empty the contents and sell the empty bottles if they are worth a lot!

How to Return Perfume to Macy’s

Alright, so we have determined that you can return your perfume to Macy’s under certain conditions. How do you go about this process? What do you need to gather?

The following steps will help clear the matter for you.

Online Purchases

Follow these steps for returning perfumes you bought online.

  • You will first need to confirm your order number or log in to go ahead with the purchase.
  • After you verify all the details, you will receive a return label and address that you should print and stick onto the box in which you return the perfume.
  • Once Macy’s receives the box, it will process the item and approve the refund.

In-Store Purchases

If you bought the perfume at a physical store, here is what you will need to do.

  • Go back to the same store you bought the perfume from.
  • Carry the perfume as well as the proof of your purchase (receipt or bill) with you. If you have lost these, you can also present your credit card or gift label.
  • The staff will process the return right there and provide you with the relevant details, such as how and when you can expect the refund.

In Summary

As long as your perfume bottle is in good condition and almost entirely full with your purchase being less than 90 days old, you will be able to return it to Macy’s. Return policies and refund processes tend to be painstakingly slow at times, but Macy’s has a transparent and clear enough process. Phew!

Thus, if you need to return your perfume, read through its label or online instructions and give it back to Macy’s in the way that you prefer. Wait for that precious gift card or refund and move on!

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