Burberry London vs. Burberry Brit Comparison

Burberry London vs. Burberry Brit Comparison

Burberry London and Burberry Brit are both scents from Burberry, the iconic British luxury brand. The London-based fashion brand uses labels to differentiate its runaway collections, with Burberry London denoting workwear and Burberry Brit exemplifying casual wear.

Burberry London and Burberry Brit differ in their aromas. London is dark, sexy, spicy, and quite manly, while Brit is sweet, fresh, and slightly powdery. Both are warm and inviting, but London is more suitable for special date nights or formal occasions, while Brit is your go-to everyday scent.

Let’s unpack the main differences between Burberry Brit and Burberry London to establish the best of the two. I will also share their similarities, when to wear each fragrance and who it suits best. Let’s dive right in!  

Image Recommended ProductsProduct Features Price
Burberry London for Men
  • Aromatic
  • Contains strong leather and spice accords
  • Lasts 6 - 8 hours on your skin
Burberry Brit for Him
  • Amber woody
  • An aromatic blend of spicy and citrusy accords
  • Lasts up to 8 hours on your skin

Burberry London vs. Burberry Brit

Released in 1995, Burberry, one of the most famous scents, is the first cologne in the Burberry line of fragrances. The two flankers, London and Brit, are also equally fantastic, but which one is the best overall and most suitable for you?

Burberry London and Burberry Brit are similar in several ways. They both smell great, contain spicy ingredients, are long-lasting, and perfect for casual wear during the winter, fall, or autumn. Their performance is also pretty much the same. 

That said, a simple way to establish the variances between the two Burberry colognes is to differentiate them based on the following parameters:

  • Scent profile
  • Fragrance opening
  • Sillage projection
  • Lasting power
  • Versatility
  • Overall opinion

The table below summarizes the key differences between the two perfumes based on the above:

ProductBurberry LondonBurberry Brit
Burberry London for MenBurberry Brit for Him
Fragrance typeAromaticAmber woody
ScentContains strong leather and spice accordsAn aromatic blend of spicy and citrusy accords
Opening Sharp and spicy with a boozy edgeFresh, green, and more powdery with a trace of spice
Sillage projectionStronger at 3-4 hrsMore subtle/moderate
Lasting powerLasts 6 - 8 hours on your skinLasts up to 8 hours on your skin
Overall opinionSophisticated and mature; a peppery, warm scent brimming with confidence and deep masculinityA refreshing, elegant, woody cologne, with warm, spicy accords
CharacterDarker, sexier, woodsy, and more masculine, with a touch of romanceSoft, easy to wear fragrance with a fresh, citrusy, powdery/green aroma
Best useMost suitable as an evening scent, for special dates, and for the workplace.More suited to casual everyday wear
CostA bit priceyLess expensive than Burberry London cologne

Burberry London

Burberry London perfume came to be in 2006. This crowd-puller boasts a huge fan base (as is evident from its high rating on Amazom.com) and has remained immensely popular through the years. The nose behind the perfume is Antoine Maisondieu, a globally renowned master perfumer.

This classic cologne is the essence of sophistication. The opening is spicy, edgy, and profoundly masculine, starring notes from bergamot, lavender, and cinnamon. The heart features mimosa and rich leather, while the base comprises oakmoss and tobacco leaves.

Some users report that the opening is rather sharp, and this is thanks to the spicy cinnamon notes. Still, while it projects more strongly than Burberry Brit cologne, Burberry London is not overwhelming to others and rates on the upper side of moderate. 

And while the perfume’s longevity is not so highly rated, it differs depending on the wearer, with oily-skinned individuals enjoying more extended wear. The scent also lasts longer on clothes

In case you are wondering, longevity or staying power refers to the time a scent lasts on the skin. Projection, on the other hand, relates to the distance you can smell the scent from its wearer.

So, is there a way to prolong Burberry London’s longevity? Absolutely! You can extend any cologne’s longevity – both on your skin and on the shelf – by trying out the following hacks:

  • Layer your scent. Use complementary products such as shower gel, aftershave, or body lotion. The goal is to minimize competing aromas that may detract from your cologne.
  • Spritz it on your pulse points. These include your wrists, neck, and behind the ears. At the same time, you should avoid rubbing your wrists together since this bruises the scent, causing it to break down faster and thus last less long.
  • Store your cologne in a deep, dark, and cool place to avoid degrading its contents. This can alter the aroma.
  • Always cap the bottle after use. This prevents oxygen from entering the bottle, thereby speeding up the cologne’s breakdown and evaporation.

Burberry Brit

A 2004 release, Burberry Brit boasts a clean, fresh, and intoxicating aroma of powdery, spicy ginger combined with bergamot, wild roses, Tonka, green mandarin, cedarwood, and other spicy elements. This captivating scent also sports an undeniably exotic oriental essence, and it is also an Antoine formulation.

This fragrance opens with a blast of spicy ginger. Still, cedar wood remains the starring note, accompanied by hints of nutmeg and wild rose, while grey musk and Tonka bean lend the fragrance a smooth ending.

Burberry Brit is more laid back and sports a softer projection than Burberry London. That said, it still performs exceptionally well, making it ideal for both day and night wear. 

Which Burberry Cologne Is the Best?

Generally, the best perfume is one that best resonates with your taste, preferences, and personality. You also need to choose your scent based on your skin type – perfumes endure longer on oily skin – your mood, the occasion, as well as the weather.

Here’s one way of choosing between Burberry Brit vs London:

Go for Burberry London for Men if you:

  • Like edgy, refined, strongly scented colognes.
  • Are looking for an evening/date fragrance.
  • Are 30+ and have a leaning toward mature, sophisticated, classy scents.
  • Are a professional seeking a high-quality scent to enhance your confidence.

Or choose Burberry Brit if you:

  • Prefer subtle scents.
  • Enjoy wearing soft, green/powdery colognes.
  • Like warm, smooth, aromatic fragrances.

All in all, if you are looking for a sensual, masculine scent with a hint of spice, go for Burberry London. You can wear it to business meetings, formal functions, or when you want to impress your date. Also, its masculine overtones are sure to arouse the attention of anyone close by.

Brit is a great cologne, too, and generally works for most males. However, it’s a much softer scent making it better suited to gents who are sensitive to strong scents or those who prefer an understated cologne.

Burberry London Fragrance Notes

Here are the key notes that make up Burberry London:

  • Top notes: Bergamot, lavender, cinnamon
  • Middle notes: Mimosa flowers, rich leather
  • Base notes: Tobacco leaves, oakmoss

Burberry London Product Ratings and Summary

Burberry London

Burberry London is an aromatic, woodsy scent that pairs sharp, spicy cinnamon with strong leather and spicy accords. The warmly inviting fragrance exudes self-assuredness and masculinity - a perfect addition to any gentleman's perfume arsenal.

Wrapping Up

The Burberry brand is famous world over, its sleek and sophisticated products appealing to many, including celebrities. Its fragrances are no different, with the Burberry line of scents attracting a cult following. 

Burberry’s iconic signature plaid design adorns each bottle, the striking design further heightening the brand image and attraction.

Burberry London and Burberry Brit are outstanding scents. They both perform admirably, smell amazing, and have decent staying power. Choosing between either will ultimately depend on your personal style, mood, or preference.

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