Creed Aventus vs. Aventus Cologne Comparison

Creed Aventus vs. Aventus Cologne Comparison

The House of Creed is famous for its niche fragrances – scents containing unique, high-quality, handpicked ingredients. These fragrances command a premium price owing to the meticulous attention given to selecting their ingredients and the intricate process followed when formulating them. Still, each Creed perfume has a unique scent profile and character.

Compared to Aventus Cologne, Creed Aventus opens sharply, projects better, and has more longevity. It’s also richer, thus suits evening wear. Aventus Cologne is smooth, stylish, and sports a fresh, juicy aroma with a ‘green’ quality. It’s lighter and more understated, making it great for daily wear.

In this Creed Aventus cologne review, we’ll pit the two scents against each other to establish whether Aventus Cologne is as good as its forerunner and which is the better scent. Which one should you spend your money on? Keep reading to find out.

Image Recommended ProductsProduct Features Price
Creed Aventus
  • Chypre fruity scent
  • Lasts 8 - 12 hours on your skin
  • Bold, powerful, confident, classic, elegant, timeless
Creed Aventus Cologne
  • Sweet fragrance
  • 6-7 hours of solid wear
  • Fresher, sexy and carefree, youthful, more urban

Creed Aventus Cologne vs. Creed Aventus

It’s plain to see why one might confuse these two scents. For starters, the names are similar. Both are also exquisite fragrances with a wide following. 

So, what differentiates the two colognes, and how do you tell them apart? 

Luckily, the answer to these questions is surprisingly easy since the two fragrances contain different ingredients. Their formulas were also inspired by different things. 

But before we unpack their differences, here are some of their common traits: 

  • They have the same perfume concentration (both are Eau de Parfums).
  • They share some ingredients such as birch, musk, and patchouli.
  • Both have incredible, long-lasting aromas.
  • They are both high-end fragrances with a price to match.

The table below highlights the key differences between the two perfumes:

ProductAventus CreedCreed Aventus Cologne
Creed AventusCreed Aventus Cologne
Year Produced20102019
Fragrance TypeChypre fruity scentSweet fragrance
Lasting PowerLasts 8 - 12 hours on your skin6-7 hours of solid wear
Sillage ProjectionLasts a few hoursSlightly less
Opening ScentFruity at first, sinking into a leathery feel over timeEnergizing, spicy opening with mandarin and ginger top notes
ScentHypnotizing aromaAddictive
CharacterBold, powerful, confident, classic, elegant, timelessFresher, sexy and carefree, youthful, more urban
Best UseEvening time or cooler seasonsIdeal for summer wear

Aventus by Creed

Aventus Creed celebrates power, strength, and success and helps its users to exude the same qualities. This legendary fragrance holds the undisputed status of Creed Boutique’s most celebrated men’s fragrance. Its esteemed reputation is well earned because the formulation contains the finest ingredients (handpicked), enabling it to deliver the ultimate olfactive experience.

This is a powerful fragrance with fruity-floral notes. At the same time, it has lovely sweet undertones, not to mention its signature ingredient, ambergris, resulting in an unforgettable scent. The opening is grand and incredibly enticing, while the drydown is woodsy and leathery. 

Creed Aventus unfurls with fresh and fruity headnotes comprising apple, bergamot, pineapple, and blackcurrant. After a while, a floral heart follows, with the following accords: 

  • Jasmine
  • Rose
  • Birch
  • Aromatic juniper berries
  • Patchouli 

Meanwhile, notes from vanilla, musk, oakmoss, and ambergris wrap up this hypnotic fragrance in a rich, earthy, sweetly seductive base.

The blend of fruity and floral notes is intriguing. But far from making this fragrance take on a feminine leaning, the beautiful combination of ingredients create an intensely masculine scent.

Aventus by Creed is a one-of-a-kind scent that stands out without overwhelming the senses. It is bold, and its presence in a room is commanding. Highly versatile, you can wear Aventus Creed all year, but it works best in colder months.

This scent is ideal for casual wear, formal occasions, or romantic summer evenings. You can also wear it to the office for a boost of confidence. While it is pretty strong, it’s light and airy enough to wear during warm weather. If wearing the cologne on warmer days, it is advisable to use just a few spritzes as a little goes a long way – it might also get a little cloying if it gets too hot.

Aventis Creed staying power? Extremely good. The cologne lasts all day (can do up to 12 hours, at times extending to the following day). Moreover, it leaves a memorable impression on anyone who comes close to you. The sillage is strong, too, going on for a few hours after the initial spray. 

Aventus Creed Cologne

Aventus Creed Cologne is a flanker to Creed Aventus and is fresher and more urban in its outlook. In creating Aventus Cologne, perfumer Oliver Creed’s goal was to give it a revitalizing, modern vibe. It worked because the fragrance received worldwide approval upon its release.

But why create Aventus Cologne? The answer is simple.

Creed Aventus was so successful that the House of Creed wanted to leverage this bestseller and replicate its immense success. Despite a prohibitive price tag, the demand for the cologne remained incredibly high.  

Don’t let the name fool you; Aventus Cologne is not an eau de cologne (even though its revitalizing opening resonates more with a classic cologne). On the contrary, it has the same perfume concentration as Creed Aventus. With this EDP, you get the same remarkable performance as Creed Aventus but a different character.

Citrusy mandarin and ginger constitute the top notes, providing a distinctive spicy twist. The fragrance then ushers in the core, comprising a mix of: 

  • Vetiver
  • Patchouli
  • Pink peppercorn
  • Sandalwood

The drydown is woody, leathery, and quite pleasant, with creamy musk, styrax, birch, and Tonka bean wrapping up the base. 

This cologne is fresher and more versatile than the original version. It’s also smooth, sophisticated, and not overpowering. Some users report finding it sweeter, lighter, more youthful, and easier to wear. Yet, it has the same DNA as Creed Aventus, meaning it smells super luxurious and is a real crowd-pleaser, drawing numerous compliments whenever applied.

Which Aventus Is the Best?

There’s no doubt about this; Creed Aventus is the winner here. While both colognes last quite well, project remarkably well, and have an appealing and attractive aroma, the original Aventus tips the balance in its intensity.  

An absolute classic, this scent has been around for more than a decade, yet its popularity hasn’t waned. For discerning men who know their scents and want to make a statement, Creed Aventus is a perfect choice. 

This cologne makes a superb go-to fragrance for the man who likes to stand out. It is bold, powerful, and masculine without being offensive. It’s quite warm and inviting, too, while the projection and longevity are way beyond average.

Creed Aventus is a classic. The epitome of luxury, it exudes an aura of deep sophistication intertwined with a spirit of adventure – an elegant scent designed for a real gentleman. And since it is made with the finest of ingredients, it doesn’t come cheap. Be prepared to part with a tidy amount of cash. 

Creed Aventus Fragrance Notes

  • Top tones: Blackcurrant, pineapple, French apples, Italian bergamot 
  • Middle tones: Juniper berries, birch, patchouli musk, jasmine
  • Undertones: Spice, vanilla extract, oak, ambergris

Creed Aventus

Creed's Aventus is a chypre fruity fragrance. Inspired by Emperor Napoleon's dramatic life, it extols the virtues of strength, power, and success.

Final Thoughts

After reading this review, you are now in an excellent position to make an informed choice regarding Aventus vs. Aventus Cologne. Yet, the final decision is yours. 

While this review might point you toward choosing Creed Aventus, it’s best to go by your preference. After all, you will be the one wearing the scent, so opt for what appeals more to your taste and sense of style. 

Still unsure? Get fragrance samples and test the scents on your skin.

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