Dossier Perfume Review: Are These Dupes Worth It?

Like many new dupe brands, Dossier is a line of affordable fragrances that has lately seen a lot of media coverage and a tremendous increase in popularity.

Popular mainly on social media platforms, such as Tik Tok and Instagram, Dossier lead everyone who heard about them to question;

Are Dossier fragrances everything they’re advertised to be and are these dossier fragrances actually worth it? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know!

What is a Perfume Dupe?

First things first, what is a dupe? A dupe is a fragrance that smells exactly like, or highly similar to another popular fragrance that is usually a “Designer” or high-end.

Dupes have been around for ages, but not many dupe manufacturers do not live for too long due to quality control, law suites issues, and the immense media coverage designer brands utilize.

Aside form the brand’s utilization of social media marketing, and their amazing low prices.

Dossier leverages modern business strategies to gain public traction such as, cruelty-free, black-owned, eco-friendly manufacturing and overall the overall offered value.

However, as a consumer, you’re here to find out if the fragrance is worth your money, and if they actually smell like some of your favorite fragrances.

Are Dossier Dupes Worth it?

To answer you in short, yes Dossier perfumes are worth purchasing, but certainly, not all of them, like any other collection Dossier has its spot-on dupes, and others to avoid.

After we purchased a range of different Dossier perfumes we tested and evaluated a range of different fragrances, finding top recommendations and suggesting them to you.

Furthermore, Dossier’s perfumes are one of the closest dupes to the original product, along with other brands, such as Alt Fragrances.

However, finding the perfect embodiment of an original is almost impossible.

There is always a note extra or a note less, which is not a bad thing, sometimes the dupe or replica, or imitation can be better than the original, especially with Dossier scents.

If you’re not a perfume lover it can be difficult to tell luxury scents from Dossier dupes, but in the overall long run you’ll begin to notice that the designer brand perfume performs fairly better and enjoy a longer sillage,

How are Dossier Dupes So Cheap?

Ambery Cherry inspired by Lost Cherry by Tom ford

All perfumes manufacturing does not cost much, except for those of rare ingredients, such as Oud, Musk, and much more.

It is the branding, emotions, and marketing that you are paying for. These same fragrances can be bought as pure perfume oil from countries like Turkey and Germany.

Dossier simply buys the perfume oil in bulk, mixes it in-house, and brands it as their own using their standard signature bottles, which are all of one design, helping them save money on packaging.

Purchasing in bulk and selling through massive third-party stores like Walmart, allows the brand to sell its products at a fraction cost of the original fragrance.

Dossier by now like a few other brands is one of the cheapest alternatives to luxury brands, offering some of the closest dupes you can find to your favorite perfume.

Through an extensive testing process, we found that some of the best Dossier scents smelled exactly like the original, while other fragrances were slightly off.

Some of the best matches include:

The Best Masculine Dossier Dupes

When it comes to intense masculine scents, Dossier’s “The Beast” certainly lives up to its name. With top notes of tobacco and leather, this scent is not for the faint of heart. However, those who don’t enjoy bold and polarizing scents will find it intoxicating.

Another standout from Dossier’s collection is “The Savage,” which combines top notes of bergamot and lemon with a hint of mixed spices for a distinctly masculine scent.

For those who prefer a more subtle aroma, “The Mystic” offers a refined blend of cedarwood and musk with a hint of jasmine for added depth. No matter the preference, Dossier has something to offer every discerning nose.

Feminine Dossier Perfume Dupes

The Dossier perfume “Fleur de Jasmin” is certainly a top contender. Its soft floral notes delicately linger on the skin without overpowering those around you.

Another favorite is “Rose Noire,” which combines base notes of sandalwood with the bold scent of rose to create a sophisticated and alluring fragrance.

For something more adventurous, “Nuit Mystérieuse” blends berry and citrus notes with cloves and patchouli for a seductive and mysterious scent, perfect for an evening out.

The Best Unisex Dossier Fragrances

Dossier Ambery Saffron

Unisex Dossier’s line of perfumes, there are a few standouts worth mentioning. Perfectly unisex, “Ambery Saffron” is a genderless scent that combines amber and saffron for a warm and seductive aroma.

For those looking for something more refreshing, “Green Verbena” combines green and fresh orange blossom, in a crisp and invigorating fragrance.

Also “Pineapple Vetiver” is a unique blend of pineapple and vetiver for a sweet yet earthy scent, inspired by Fredéric Malle’s Vetiver Extraordinaire.

Overall, each of these perfumes provides a distinctive and well-balanced aroma, making them true standouts in Unisex Dossier’s collection.

What We Love About Dossier Fragrances

Small Side Testers

Each bottle comes with a small separate sample, so you can try the fragrance on your own skin before deciding whether you want to keep the bottle or return it for a full refund.

Enabling the brand to win your trust, incentivizing you to try a new fragrance you’re hesitant to purchase, and brushing aside any dupe brand stereotypes.

However, as we all know testers are always designed to be stronger and enhanced compared to the actual fragrance.

The tester will give you a great idea on what the real fragrance will smell like but don’t be deceived by how potent the tester can be.

The Accuracy of Representation

Fruity Almond inspired by Good Girl by Pacco Rabanne `

With most Dupe brands, you’re likely to get fragrances that smell slightly different than the original scent you were after.

That isn’t the case with Dupe Fragrances, instead, we found some of the best designer fragrance dupes in the Dossier dupe collection.

Some of the best examples are:  

  • Fruity Almond inspired by Good Girl by Pacco Rabanne 
  • Ambery Vanilla inspired by YSL Black Opium 
  • Aromatic Star Anise inspired by Dior Sauvage for her 

The Longevity of Dossier Fragrances

Dossier fragrances enjoy awesome longevity regardless of whether they’re perfectly the same as the original or not.

Even some of the worst Dossier fragrances have great longevity and decent performance.

Good examples on the worst Dossier Perfumes are:

  • Spicy Orchid inspired by Black Orchid
  • Woody Rasberry inspired by Lady Million
  • Citrus Peony inspired by Miss Dior

While dossier perfumes may not be perfect, they are as close as you can get to the original designer fragrances. Their collection is limited, but every perfume in it performs perfectly and enjoys great longevity.

If you’re looking for a high-quality fragrance that will last you a long time, dossier’s perfumes are worth checking out.


While most fragrance reviews often focus on the scent itself, it’s easy to overlook the packaging that holds it. Dossier takes this aspect seriously, creating convenient yet elegant packaging for their perfumes.

Their minimalist approach lets the product speak for itself, leaving room for the distinctive scents to shine. Compared to other budget brands that prioritize cutting costs, Dossier prioritizes creating a luxurious experience for the consumer.

In fact, their packaging can easily be mistaken for high-end brands like Le Labo, with their minimalist designs.

Overall, Dossier’s attentiveness to packaging helps them stand out in a crowded market and enhances the overall experience of using its products.


In conclusion, we’ll break it all down to this, Dossier perfumes are absolutely worth it if you seek quantity over quality.

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to some of your favorite designer fragrances, that won’t cost as much then Dossier is definitely worth a try.

Their collection may be limited, but they cover all the popular and timeless scents, including ones that are perfectly unisex or genderless.

These products also provide a refreshing alternative to heavily gendered fragrances often found in department stores.

If you are unable to find your desired Dossier scent, consider checking out Alt fragrances, which offers a wider selection at similar prices.

With all the previous taken into consideration, you’re always going to get a better product while buying authentic brand names.

It’s up to you to determine whether the sacrifice in quality and authenticity is actually worth what you’re saving.

Finally, let us know what you think about dossier perfume, and share your experience below.

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