Is FragranceX Legit? (And How Is It So Cheap?)

Is FragranceX Legit (And How Is It So Cheap)

Fragrance x is one of the biggest discount perfume retailers on the internet, and everyone wants to know whether or not it is a safe play to purchase your fragrance from Fragrancex,

Located in Hauppauge, New York, Fragrancex is one of the most popular places to shop for cheap fragrances, along with a few other similar online retailers. 

They sell an extensive collection of all your favorite designer fragrances for much cheaper than any department store or perfumery ever will.

In this article, we’ll let you know whether or not FragranceX is legit, and how their prices can be so competitive.

Is FragranceX Legit?

The short answer is yes! Fragrance X guarantees that all of their products they sell are 100% authentic perfumes, and they confirm this on their website;

“We guarantee that all products in our store are original designer fragrances and that your information is completely secure” 

With a very deep variety of scents at affordable pricing, it is almost a mystery how FragranceX manages to sell all these authentic products at such low prices,

Many factors go into explaining how the products are bought and resold to consumers, but before we dive into detail, let’s go ahead and say “Yes” Fragrance X is Legit and they hold reputable authority in the fragrance industry.

Why Is FragranceX So Cheap?

Why Is FragranceX So Cheap

How Fragrance X sells cheap perfume has always been a bit of a mystery. 

The brand’s prices are so low that it’s hard to believe that the company isn’t making some sort of sacrifice in quality.

However, Fragrancex is living proof that it is possible to sell an authentic designer fragrance for much less than it actually goes for.

The secret lies in cutting-edge tactics, and not only in selling company-bought products.

Here’s a list of all the factors that enable Fragrancex to sell affordable high price-tag fragrances.

FragranceX Buys Overstock

Overstock in business means that the company has too much of one specific product or more.

Overstock increases storage costs and usually limits working capital, making it more profitable to sell the products for a loss.

discontinued, and closeout items from major department stores, perfumeries, and manufacturers. 

FragranceX Purchases From the Gray Market 

The gray perfume market is where fragrances are bought and sold legally, but outside of official selling channels.

The gray market sells products distributed by unauthorized retailers. But the perfumes are still totally legitimate. It’s just an alternate sales channel.

What does the gray market have to do with FragranceX? Well, the gray market offers huge discounts in order to sell and buy large orders of fragrances quicker.

Big price gaps occur, especially when they involve international parties.

FragranceX Has a Solid Reputation and Generated Hype

FragranceX Has a Solid Reputation and Generated Hype

Buying authentic fragrancex perfumes and colognes generates great reviews from excited and motivated customers.

Which in return drives more traffic when people mention affordable pricing to their friends and family.

That means that FragranceX can buy legitimate perfume for much cheaper than regular wholesale value.

FragranceX Buys Close-Outs

As a value-oriented consumer, you probably don’t care if the box is dented, or the label is scratched slightly.

But people buying directly from designer brands, pay attention to these small details, forcing manufacturers, and department stores to sell their leftovers to third-party retailers, such as fragrancex and its other online retailers.

It’s certainly not the place to expect excellence, such as gift wrap, and private message cards.

But for a few people like ourselves, fragrancex sells exactly what we’re looking for a full bottle of our preferable cologne or perfume.

FragranceX Saves on Overhead Costs

FragranceX Saves on Overhead Costs

Selling online enables the brand to save money on labor and paying the costs of physical locations.

Instead, Fragrancex ships internationally from their New York warehouse, allowing them to help you save money on your purchase.

Buying their fragrances in bulk directly from manufacturers and close-outs allows them to pass their savings on to their customers. 

In addition, the company sells its products exclusively online, which helps to keep overhead costs and in-store labor.

What we love about Fragrance X

  • Convenient shipping time: At Fragrancex your perfume or cologne is shipped to you right the next day making it an awesome last-minute purchasing site. 
  • Free shipping for all orders over $123.00– You can easily get free shipping on one or two bottles of perfume or cologne
  • Their informative product descriptions: You can find paragraphs of information, ranging from the history of the scent to inspiration and specifications.
  • They sell testers and samples: If you didn’t know already, testers smell much more potent than the original fragrance, and usually go for cheaper than what the actual fragrance would cost. 
  • Seasonal major discounts: Get even better deals on a number of assorted products, including their best-selling and gift sets.

Amazing Industry Standards

While it is extremely difficult to manage such a competitive online business.

Fragrancex still manages to offer next-day shipping, great descriptions, a great rewards loyalty system.

The significantly low prices delight consumers like me and you and allow them to enjoy top-of-the-line designer perfumes for a fraction of their original price and recommend the online store to other fragrance lovers that can benefit from it. 


Fragrance x is one of the best sites to find affordable fragrances from numerous designer brands, for cheaper than regular retail.

However its not the only place to shop for discounted cologne or perfume. 

Do your research, browse your options and also visit FragranceX’s competitors such as and

Not having to adhere to the same industry standards and not playing by the rules helped get fragrance x where it is today. 

The brand differentiates itself in a highly competitive market by offering immovable customer service, leaving them with a 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot.

Furthermore, Fragrance X is a fast reliable source for some of the best colognes, perfumes, and much more.

Try it and let us know in the comment section below if you think Fragarancex is worth it.

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