What Perfume does Adele wear?

What Perfume does Adele wear

One of the biggest pop stars of the past decade, Adele has won several awards, including six Grammys, and sold over 45 million albums worldwide. But, while she’s known for hits like Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You, it may surprise you to know that one of her most significant claims to fame is her unique scent!

Adele is one of those celebrities who feels like a friend. She’s funny, unpredictable, and unafraid to speak up about issues that matter to her.

And when it comes to beauty, she’s just as authentic. For example, she’s never been a fan of fillers or surgeries and instead prefers to focus on makeup, skincare, and—of course—her signature perfume.

So, what perfume does Adele wear? This article will look at the perfume Adele wears and explore other fragrances that smell similar to the one she loves!

What perfume does Adele wear?

After being asked by a fan what her favorite perfume was on Twitter in 2011, Adele revealed that she had been wearing the same perfume for years, Christian Dior’s Hypnotic Poison. “My friend bought me Christian Dior’s Hypnotic Poison when I was 15; I’ve worn it ever since!”

Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison

Christian Dior Hypnotic PoisonReleased in 1998, this women’s fragrance features a rich scent of coconut, plum, and apricot combined with Brazilian rosewood, jasmine, rose, and lily-of-the-valley for a fruity infusion.

Wearing Hypnotic Poison Eau de Parfum by the French fashion house Christian Dior, you enter the realm of reality with your senses heightened.

Musk, almond, and vanilla offer a seductive scent to enhance the aromatic experience of this perfume. The long-lasting aroma has an intense caramel and vanilla smell, making it the pinnacle of a high-end gourmet scent.

This is a vibrant and deep perfume, but it’s not overpowering or even super girly scent. Instead, it’s subtle and long-lasting, making it perfect for an evening out. This perfume is great for someone with a sharp sense of style that likes to stand out in a crowd.

This Christian Dior creation is perfect for wearing any time of day, from meeting clients in the morning to enjoying a romantic dinner in the evening.

Similar fragrances by Christian Dior

The Poison collection by Dior is both alluring and feminine, making it a great fragrance for any occasion. Here are other fragrances by Dior that will leave your smelling like Adele herself.

Pure Poison by Dior

Pure Poison by DiorBewitchingly beautiful, undeniably celestial. Pure Poison is the modern interpretation of an oriental fragrance adorned with citrusy and flowery notes in a voluptuous trail.

Pure Poison is a fragrance that makes you feel like a fairy. It’s very light, gentle and easy to wear. The aroma is very soft and delicate, sweet-floral, but distinct.

It opens with a refreshing citrusy-juicy note that smells very sweet and delicious. Although it is not a heavy scent, something about it makes me think of a thick layer of flowers even at this stage.

It does not smell like your typical eau de toilette, and there is no doubt that this is an Eau de parfum concentration. There is just something more complex about it than other fragrances at this price point.

With moderate sillage and great longevity, this perfume is a good choice for daytime wear in the spring or summer.

Poison Girl Dior for Women

Poison Girl Dior for WomenPoison Girl is a twist on the iconic Dior Poison, rebelling against its forbidden fruit almond and vanilla to reveal a sweeter and spicier scent emboldened by orange blossom and Grasse rose.

Launched in 2016, Poison Girl is a brand new addition to the original Poison collection from Dior. A youthful twist on the iconic scent, its adventurous spirit is encapsulated by a bright pink bottle with contrasting black accents.

The fragrance is reminiscent of the original Poison’s opening with bitter orange and lemon, although this version is slightly sharper and more acidic. The combination of Damask rose, Grasse rose and orange blossom in the heart of the perfume provides a floral contrast to the citruses in the top notes.

The base notes comprise vanilla and almond that brings an almost edible quality to the scent. The warm ingredients are rounded out with earthier tones like sandalwood. Overall, this fragrance has a sweet gourmand smoky scent quality that makes it ideal for everyday wear — it’s hard not to be seduced by its charm!

Poison Dior for Women

Poison Dior for women

Poison by Dior is an oriental and spicy fragrance that, while created in 1985, has stood the test of time. With a heady floral scent combined with rosewood and sandalwood, Poison is sexy yet classy.

Poison is a revolutionary fragrance that has become a legend since it was launched in 1985. An unrivaled alchemy with a delicate peppery overtone; spicy, fruity, woody fragrance of enigmatic profoundness that mesmerizes the senses…forever.

The name reflects it’s powerful and seductive scent. The mandarin dominates with its bitter-sweet character and combines with all the femininity of a rich bouquet of flowers: African Orange flower, carnations, Jasmines and rose that capture the heart. And the warm base of sandalwood and tonka beans unleashes a romantic aroma.

Poison is a rather classic 80s perfume. It has a strong sillage, so you don’t need to spray too much. It’s warm, oriental, spicy, but not too sweet.

Final Take

Adele’s favorite fragrance, Hyponotic Poison, has a catchy name and unlike many perfumes, it’s unique. This perfume is worth trying. Being different doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s terrible; sometimes different is better, and Hypotonic Poison proves this point quite well with its incredible aroma.

When it comes to perfumes, Adele keeps things simple and sophisticated. Jo Malone Myrrh and Tonka cologne or Wild bluebell cologne, which smells sweet yet woody, and Chloé Eau de parfum, which is supposed to imitate a floral bouquet, are some other scents we believe Adele may appreciate. Moreover, Jo Malone lime basil has a similar appeal with its warmth and muskiness of aromatic white thyme.

Finding signature scents for a particular woman isn’t easy, but it will be more like a walk in the park if you know her personality. We think Adele would adore all these perfumes. Be it a mild, woody, and flowery fragrance or hypotonic Poison’s sensual and hypnotic aroma, we are sure she will fall in love with any of these fragrances on her first sniff.

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