What Perfume Does Zendaya Wear?

What perfume does Zendaya wear

Zendaya is one of the most talented and beloved celebrities around today. This American actress is both successful and well-respected, cementing her status as a role model for young women across the globe.

However, people don’t just love Zendaya because of her personality — many are captivated by the scent she wears, and wonder what type of perfume she prefers. As a result, Lancome appointed Zendaya as the brand’s new face back in 2019. And in 2020, she revealed her favorite scent.

We love exploring what perfumes our favorite celebrities wear! We’re going to look into Zendaya’s favorite Eau de parfum option in greater detail!

So, what perfume does Zendaya wear? you’ll find everything you need to know right here. We’ll also share some other popular scents we think she loves!

Read on to find out what perfume Zendaya wears!

What Perfume Does Zendaya Wear?

Zendaya’s style is bold and daring — just like her! She sets fashion trends and is a true inspiration to many, and her sense of style is unique, reflecting the fierce nature of her personality.

Zendaya’s favorite perfume is Lancôme Idôle Eau de Parfum Spray, which is a gorgeous floral scent that can be easily worn for any occasion.

Lancôme Idôle Eau de Parfum Spray

Idole is a lovely fragrance with a delicate scent and is well suited for warm weather. The floral bouquet has a slight citrus aroma, which gives the perfume an interesting twist.

It is not one of those intense perfumes that immediately takes your breath. Instead, it gently unfolds with each inhale. The first whiff that you get when it’s sprayed is a sweet touch of elderflowers and bergamot. The musk blends nicely with the floral notes and makes the perfume more womanly.

Additionally, it is made up of some other ingredients like Indian Jasmine and Turkish Rose that give the fragrance an elegant fullness and an everlasting freshness. Overall, this perfume is an absolute delight for all women looking for fresh floral aromas.

The blend of floral notes, vanilla, and musk make the perfume pleasant and light on skin; therefore, it can be easily worn in any season or occasion.

Fragrances smelling similar to Lancôme Idôle Eau de Parfum Spray

Zendaya’s signature scent combines a classic and an unexpected twist. However, we believe Zendaya wears Lancome’s similar-smelling scents on occasion too!

Idole Emily in Paris perfume for Women by Lancome

This fragrance is a new interpretation of the IDOLE fragrance, with juicy pear and bergamot’s fresh and lively scent. A heart of Turkish rose and may rose takes us on a trip to Paris, a city that exudes beauty, love and romance.

The Idôle collection expanded with the new Idôle Emily in Paris perfume. A new luminous and sparkling fragrance, Idôle Emily in Paris, is a fresh interpretation of the original fragrance. Channeling the Parisian spirit, the Idôle Emily in Paris Eau de Parfum lights up the iconic fragrance of Idôle with new energy, revealing a radiant freshness.

This fresh floral musky fragrance opens with an effervescent and delicate Pear zest, surrounding a sparkling Bergamot. The opening notes are followed by Rose Essence and Jasmine Sambac Absolute’s vibrant heart before giving way to the elegant dry-down of White Musk and Patchouli Essence.

The fragrance bottle boasts a modern contemporary design featuring an intricate cut-out pattern along its sides. In addition, the cap is adorned with an Eiffel Tower charm and light pink ribbon, symbolizing love and femininity and reflecting the festive packaging that accompanies it.

Idôle Édition Limitée Lancome for women

The new creation opens with the fruity note of pear, an ode to the first smell of a baby, combined with relaxing neroli and seducing bergamot to enhance a woman’s presence.

This perfume by Lancome has May Rose with Jasmine from India, delicate and refined flowers blooming in the summertime. The final white musk scent brings a gentle touch of warmth and glamor, like when a woman smiles or walks elegantly down the street.

In its iconic bottle, Idôle Edition Limitée keeps the accessories in their limited edition graphic design to stay unique. As an ode to new generation women and their infinite talents, Idôle Edition Limitée presents itself in an elegant peach yellow shade that stands out wherever it is set down before captivating all those around it.


Unlike other celebrity fragrances, Lancôme Idôle Eau de Parfum is widely available. You’ll be able to find it in physical stores like Sephora and Ulta and online on Amazon. Rumors also suggest that Zendaya does enjoy spritzing Marc Jacobs, Chanel, or Tom Ford perfumes occasionally.

So there you have it! Suppose you liked Zendaya’s perfume and would like to learn more about it. In that case, you have all the information and resources you need to find out whatever you want in the future about that particular fragrance and the celebrity behind it.

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