Good Girl vs. Very Good Girl Comparison

Good Girl vs. Very Good Girl Comparison

Carolina Herrera is a luxury fashion brand known for stylish designs. Their clients include fashionistas, the rich and famous, and celebrities like American First Ladies. In the 1980s, the brand started developing fragrances, but it was Good Girl’s release that caused the biggest splash.

Good Girl is a sweet yet provocative, feminine scent featuring jasmine, Tonka, cocoa, and vibrant coffee and almond notes, while Very Good Girl is its bolder interpretation. The newer version is both seductive and irresistible thanks to its luxurious rose note paired with red currant and vetiver.

In this Good Girl perfume review, we compare the two fabulous scents. Keep reading to find out what makes each unique and which of the two suits you best. 

Image Recommended ProductsProduct Features Price
Good Girl EDP by Carolina Herrera
  • Youthful, sexy, addictive
  • Lasts up to eight hours on your skin
  • Amber floral with subtle oriental undertones
Very Good Girl
  • Joyful, captivating, seductive
  • Lasts 7-8 hours on your skin
  • Wild berries mixed with lychee, followed by delicate rose

Good Girl vs. Very Good Girl

The iconic Good Girl perfume was launched in 2016. It was an instant hit, the perfume’s fresh, floral scent drawing admirers worldwide. Five years later, Carolina Herrera released Very Good Girl as a newer version of the original. The cologne was received very well and soon became a bestseller.

One key ingredient marks Carolina Herrera’s line of perfumes: a floral note. With Very Good Girl, the change came with the addition of a new floral flavor and the star of the fragrance, the rose accord — a creamy, powdery rose. For Good Girl, the floral note finds expression in white florals: jasmine and tuberose.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl and Very Good Girl share the same perfume concentration. They are both Eau De Parfums (thus long-lasting), so their performance does not differ much. 

Pro Tip: The strength of a perfume plays a significant role in its longevity. This refers to the scent’s perfume concentration, and it ranges from 20-30% for parfums to 1.3% for an Eau Fraiche. If you’d like to explore this fascinating topic in more detail, check out this article on Scent Selective

Here is a snapshot of the major differences between Good Girl and Very Good Girl perfumes:

ProductGood GirlVery Good Girl
Good Girl EDP by Carolina HerreraVery Good Girl
FeatureLasts up to eight hours on your skinLasts 7-8 hours on your skin
Lasting powerStrong — up to 2 m (6.56 feet)Decent
Sillage projectionCitrusy-floral; lemon and bergamot with hints of almond, jasmine, and tuberoseWild berries mixed with lychee, followed by delicate rose
Opening scentAmber floral with subtle oriental undertonesFruity floral
ScentYouthful, sexy, addictiveJoyful, captivating, seductive
CharacterColder weather — winter, fall, autumn, nightDay/night, spring, summer, fall
Best useGood valueSlightly more expensive

Good Girl Perfume

Upon its launch, Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum became a hot cake, flying off the shelves with remarkable speed. Everybody wanted it. It was so popular that the Fragrance Foundation gave it a spot in its Hall of Fame.

This perfume smells incredible, thanks to its captivating tones, powdery aroma, and well-blended formulation. Phenomenal, sexy, super versatile, and universally appealing is how to describe this Eau De Parfum.

The cologne opens with zesty notes followed by a sweet aroma. Upon sniffing it, the floral tones of jasmine sambac and tuberose waft up, laced with citrusy lemon. Beneath these lie the sweet accords of Tonka and vanilla with hints of coffee and cacao. There lurks a velvety almond, too, adding to the sweetness.

Good Girl is a good performer, lasting around eight hours. You can catch wafts of it through the day as it lingers beautifully on the skin. It is quite versatile but more appropriate for daytime wear during autumn or early spring. However, it is remarkably easy to wear and will go with any mood. Wear it anywhere — when going out in the evening, to a party, or in any casual setting. 

The cologne presents in a striking black bottle shaped like a stiletto — a stunning eye candy befitting any fashion-forward young lady. 

Good Girl Perfume Notes

  • Top notes: Almond, coffee, lemon, bergamot 
  • Middle notes: Tuberose, jasmine sambac, orris, Bulgarian rose, orange blossom
  • Base notes: Vanilla, Tonka, cinnamon, musk, cacao, amber, praline, woods, patchouli 

Good Girl Perfume

Good Girl perfume bold fragrance that blends delicate white floral notes with the richness of dark cacao and warm spices, evoking a sense of feminine power and confidence that leaves a lasting impression wherever it goes.

Very Good Girl Perfume

Very Good Girl Perfume is described as “fun, fabulous and fearless.” The boldly passionate scent is delicious and smells absolutely fabulous. The composition takes a different course, leaving behind the familiar jasmine and Tonka bean notes (these are present in other Good Girl flankers) and taking on potent rose. 

The aromatic fragrance welcomes you with sweet and tart accents emanating from a powerful union featuring red currant paired with exotic lychee. At the core sits a silky and seductive rose, overlying a base of vanilla and woody vetiver, the additional notes making the fragrance turn fresh, warm, powdery, and undeniably luxurious. 

Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum is a sensual feast. The stunning rendition of the Original Good Girl delivers a solid performance lasting between seven and eight hours. This time around, the perfume comes in an attention-grabbing glossy red flacon bearing the same stiletto design. 

It was launched in 2021.

Very Good Girl Perfume Notes

  • Top notes: Lychee, redcurrant
  • Middle notes: Tuberose, sweet rose
  • Base notes: Vanilla, musk, vetiver

Very Good Girl Perfume

Very Good Girl perfume an enchanting fragrance that balances sweet and seductive notes of juicy red fruits, delicate roses, and rich tonka, creating a scent that embodies femininity.

Which Good Girl Perfume Is Best?

Good Girl fragrances draw their inspiration from Carolina Herrera’s impression of the dichotomy of the contemporary woman. They exude boldness and elegance, sweet and tangy essences, and light versus deep notes.

But what of Good Girl vs. Very Good Girl? Which is the better perfume and which one should you go for?

These are two exceptional scents making this a daunting task. That said, we’ll start by highlighting each EDP’s unique qualities.

Good Girl fuses tuberose, jasmine, and cocoa to create a warm, spicy aroma. It is sweet but not overly so, as all the notes balance extremely well. This contributes to the perfume’s overall appeal. Performance-wise, it is solid, and the scent is super appealing, attracting compliments at every turn. 

You can wear Good Girl for most of the year in multiple scenarios, making it a great everyday fragrance.

As for Very Good Girl, it is smooth and creamy with a hint of powder. The mix of rose and vetiver is playful yet sultry, resulting in a perfume that is utterly delicious and super wearable, not forgetting its distinctive fruity-floral aroma. 

But that’s not all. You can pick out the fresh, potent, and captivating rose essence as it is quite prominent. In addition, the vetiver/rose combo brings depth while smoothening out the somewhat tart edge. Meanwhile, the vanilla backdrop is warm and gentle. Overall performance? Above average.

No matter which option you choose between Good Girl and Very Good Girl perfume, you are guaranteed a fantastic experience. That said:

Good Girl is best for women looking for a sweet, alluring, sexy, feminine fragrance, while Very Good Girl is best for a dauntless and passionate woman who enjoys indulging in a bit of luxury. Ultimately, they both exude beauty and sophistication, but Very Good Girl delivers a lot more oomph. 

So, if you are a confident woman ready to embrace your sweet feminity and accentuate it with an alluring rosy glow, Very Good Girl is the fragrance for you. 

Wrapping Up

Carolina Herrera has carved a niche as a designer of elegant, sensual scents that leave you feeling beautiful, classy, and smelling divine. They also speak to all facets of a woman’s personality, making them unique enough to become one-of-a-kind signature perfumes.

Owing to their fruity, floral leaning, they are typically best worn during warm weather, though they are flexible enough to extend this wear to the colder seasons.

Hopefully, this Good Girl vs. Very Good Girl comparison has helped steer you toward your preferred scent.

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