Versace Eros Vs. Dylan Blue Comparison

Versace Eros Vs. Dylan Blue Comparison

Classic and timeless vs. bold and sexy. That’s what Versace Eros vs. Dylan Blue comparison comes down to.

These two wildly popular, masculine sets make any fragrance collection complete, but if you can’t have both, which one would you rather purchase? 

Versace Eros gives off a light, fresh, greenish, woody aroma with oriental hints, while Dylan Blue is deep, dark, and musky. Both are sensual scents with an unmistakable manly profile, but while Eros is fresh and sweet, Dylan Blue is more citrusy and spicy. 

Now sit back as we take a deep dive into the qualities that make Eros and Dylan Blue so popular. At the end of this post, we will declare the winner of this Versace Dylan Blue vs. Versace Eros contest.

Image Recommended ProductsProduct Features Price
Versace Eros EDT
  • Aromatic fougere
  • Ranges between 6-8 hours on average
  • Light, fresh, sweet, and woody with oriental touches
Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue
  • Aromatic, woody fougere
  • Lasts over 8 hours
  • Smells fruity, spicy, citrusy, and musky, with aquatic nuances

Versace Eros vs. Versace Dylan Blue

Sensuality, versatility, universal appeal, and head-turning aromas are traits that cut across both Versace Eros EDT (2012) and Versace Dylan Blue EDT (2016).

However, different perfumers aside (A. Aurelien Guichard for Eros and Alberto Morillas for Dylan Blue), the Versace fragrances have unique aspects that help each make a powerful statement in its own right.  

The table below clearly illustrates each cologne’s unique qualities and what essentially sets them apart. Take a look.

ProductVersace Eros EDTVersace Dylan Blue EDT
Versace Eros EDTVersace Pour Homme Dylan Blue
Fragrance classificationAromatic fougereAromatic, woody fougere
Lasting powerRanges between 6-8 hours on average Lasts over 8 hours
Sillage projectionAbove averageIntense initially, then settles to something understated
Opening scentFruity sweet Freshness with a touch of sweetness and spice
ScentLight, fresh, sweet, and woody with oriental touchesSmells fruity, spicy, citrusy, and musky, with aquatic nuances
CharacterClassic, sophisticated, playful, youthfulClean, pleasant, confident, sexy
Best useEveryday wear, casual settings, season-wise; fall, winter, and springCooler seasons- summer, spring, fall, work environment
CostReasonably pricedFair

Versace Eros

Versace Eros EDT

Versace Eros EDT is an aromatic fougere bringing together mint, vanilla, Tonka, and citrus accords.

Versace Eros forms part of the Versace Eros Line. A. Guichard designed the fragrance as a nod to Eros, the Greek God of love thus, it oozes seduction coupled with deep masculinity.

A refreshing blend of fresh aromas marks this unique and classy cologne. It‘s not a wonder that Eros holds a special appeal for men who enjoy light and revitalizing scents – you can wear this scent practically every day!

Eros EDT welcomes you with mint oil, green apple, and Italian lemon. Next comes a heart containing sweet Tonka, ambroxan, and geranium, and lastly, a base with vanilla, oakmoss, vetiver, and various cedars for a warm and sensual trail. 

Regarding performance, Eros is on the above-average side for recent batches, but during its release, it offered beast-mode performance for an EDT.

Nowadays, the fragrance projection ranges between moderate and slightly above average, lasting between 6-8 hours for most users – which is pretty decent for a daily fragrance, especially one as budget-friendly as this one. 

As for when to wear Versace Eros, the most appropriate time is daytime. It’s the kind of scent you want to wear during casual occasions, informal settings like parties, or the office. But more than that, Eros is pretty versatile, meaning you can wear it throughout the year, regardless of the season.  

Eros comes in an arresting turquoise flacon, the glass body featuring a Medusa head, the brand’s symbol. Covering the entire flacon is a labyrinth-like pattern giving the perfume an undeniably cool allure. [For a more detailed review of Versace Eros, check out this insightful post from Scent Selective.]  

Versace Dylan Blue

Versace Dylan Blue

Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme is a bold, masculine formulation structured around  

the rejuvenating scents of bergamot and grapefruit. The scent aptly captures the sensual and mysterious essence of the Mediterranean, while its stunning indigo-blue receptacle brings to mind the sea and sand. 

A proud member of the Versace Pour Homme collection, Dylan Blue Eau de Toilette unfurls to revel fresh citrus-fruity notes from Calabrian bergamot, aquatic accords, and grapefruit paired with fig leaves.

After a few minutes, the top notes morph into a green, spicy, woody, and ambroxan core before ending in an embrace comprising musk, Tonka, and incense for that beautiful fougere feel.

However, Unlike Eros, Dylan Blue is far from light. Neither is it subtle, as it definitely makes its presence felt when you walk into a room. People will take notice. Yet, its quiet confidence is never overwhelming. 

This one is dark, deep, and complex. Still, the composition is extremely well-blended, bringing harmony to the many facets that constitute the exceptional cologne. To these glowing attributes, add outstanding lasting power and above-average sillage (not loud, though), and you have a perfume you can’t dimiss lightly.

Dylan Blue is also pretty versatile when it comes to wearability, transitioning with ease from casual (daytime) to more formal evening affairs. You can wear it during spring, fall, and early summer.

Still, although the cologne is best suited to cool seasons, it’s probably not a fantastic idea to spritz it on during winter because of the aquatic elements.

As noted earlier, this cologne presents in a classy deep blue fragrance bottle whose angled sides shimmer like a sapphire. The face of the flacon boasts the Medusa head embedded on a golden coin. Finally, and in continuation of the overall theme, a polished, gold-hued cap sits atop the bottle, a perfect finish to the iconic bottle.  

Is Dylan Blue or Eros Better?

When it comes to choosing between Versace Dylan Blue vs. Eros, what matters most is your personal choice. Only you can determine the fragrance that suits you best. Personal attributes such as body chemistry, lifestyle, and taste preferences also weigh in. 

That said, we’ll try and make your choice easier by pointing out the best times to wear each option.

Eros’ vibrant scent evokes passion. Its playful vibe makes it ideal for a party or the night scene. Conversely, aquatic, earthy Dylan Blue feels more traditional and manly, shining best in work settings. Both are pretty flexible season-wise, with Dylan Blue more so, though its aroma is less subtle.

Years after its release, Versace Eros remains insanely popular. And even though current formulations might not display the same potency as the original batches, it still offers a solid performance.

Moreover, the EDT’s invigorating, woodsy, and slightly oriental aroma is simply unforgettable. It continues to win hearts to this day. 

The winning scent here is Versace Eros’ distinctive blend of fresh herbs, zesty lemon, and woody accents. It refreshes the senses, adding a sparkle to your day. To crown it all, Versace Eros Eau de Toilette smells incredibly good, way better than Versace Blue Pour Homme.

Versace Eros Fragrance Notes

  • Top notes: Mint, Italian lemon, green apple 
  • Middle notes: Geranium, Tonka bean, ambroxan 
  • Base notes: Madagascar vanilla, oakmoss, vetiver, Virginian cedar, Atlas cedar

Final Thoughts

Make no mistake. Eros and Dylan Blue are distinctive masculine scents that will put you head and shoulders above anyone else. But choosing between them boils down to your exact need. 

Therefore, you might want to ask yourself a couple of questions. 

What’s the purpose behind choosing either scent? Which type of aromas do you like? In which settings do you see yourself wearing your preferred fragrance – work, special occasions, or date nights?

Your answers will point you in the right direction, and this, plus the information in this post, will help you make a more informed decision.

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